Monuments and plaques (003)

by tiresomemoi

1bis rue Vaneau*/**, 31 mai 2017



*The plaque beside the door reads:

André Gide

né à Paris le 22 novembre 1869

habita cette maison de 1926

jusqu’à sa le 19 février 1951


Three random facts about Gide (courtesy of ):

  1. Sometime in 1891, Gide met Oscar Wilde.
  2. Gide was a Dreyfusard.
  3. On 13 November 1947 Gide received the Nobel prize for literature.


An audio essay I think Gide would have approved of: Notes on an imagined plaque*** (The Memory Palace)


**Rue Vaneau is named for Louis Marie Anne Vaneau (Rennes, 27 March 1811 – Paris, 29 July1830), a student of the École Polytechnique killed during the Révolution de Juillet/Trois Glorieuses, the second French revolution.


***Monuments and plaques have been all over the (American) news this month of May: Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s speech on removing New Orleans’ Confederate monuments (The Times-Picayune)