Crue, 1910

by tiresomemoi

Crue, Janvier 1910 (rue Mazarine) – 5 June 201620160606 Crue 1910


Today was hot, bright, and muggy. It finally feels like summer. A friend said she felt like she’d been dropped into another country not just another season. This friend lives in a small town outside of Paris where, she say’s, the town center is still under a meter of water. Her kitchen was flooded over the weekend but is now mostly dry.


The level of the Seine in Paris, at 4.44m* (06/07/16:19:00), is almost back to normal (3.30m to 4.30m). It took almost a month for the Seine to return to normal levels after the flood of 1910.


More about the Crue de 1910 tomorrow.


*According to the website for the Austerlitz Station,

“The cables connecting the speed measurement probes were damaged.” So flow measurement are unavailable.