by tiresomemoi

Light post, Place Louis Aragan  – 5 June 201620160605 - Light pole, Place Louis Aragan


The sun came out today and while it’s expected to go back into hiding soon the worst of the flooding in Paris seems to be over. According to the French Flood Watch website (vigicrues.gouv.fr), the river is down to 5.0m* from its height of 6.1m early Saturday morning. Normal for the Seine is between 3.30m and 4.30m.


We are currently at risk level Yellow**.


Words I learned last week/ Flood Vocabulary

La crue = Flood

La décrue – Decrease (of flood waters)

Les prévisionnistes = Forecasters

Les hydrologues = Hydrologists

Les marges d’incertitude = Margin of error

L’inondation = Flood, inundation

Le tronçon = Segment


*Données temps réel: Paris [Austerlitz – Station ultrason] 6/06 21:00 = 5.0m


**Yellow: Risk of floods generating overflows and localized damage or fast and dangerous rise in water, requiring special vigilance especially in the case of exposed and/or seasonal activities.