comme une pie

by tiresomemoi

Yellow dress with two birds, 1996*Yellow dress with two birds, 1996




bavard comme une pie** = très bavard (a chatterbox)


voleur comme une pie = qui commet souvent des vols, de petites choses (a thieving magpie)



*Leiko IkemiuroTerrakotta, glasiert/Glazed terracotta/Terre cuite émaillée


**A “pie” (rhymes with pea) is a magpie. Poor magpies get a bad rap. According to a study lead by Dr. Toni Shephard magpies appear to be neophobic (fearful of new things) and would prefer a few nuts to all the treasures in your jewelry box.


The nursery rhyme One for Sorrow is based on the belief that the number of magpies one sees*** gives an indication of one’s future:


One for sorrow,

Two for mirth

Three for a funeral,

Four for birth

Five for heaven

Six for hell

Seven for the devil, his own self


A Collection of Proverbs and Popular Sayings relating to the Seasons, the Weather, and Agricultural Pursuits, gathered chiefly from oral tradition (London, 1846)


***In an hour, a day, before you can count to ten?