Au naturel

by tiresomemoi

À ma femme* (1938-1944), Marc Chegal**À ma femme, Marc Chegal


While looking for some highbrow*** entertainment this evening, I came across the middlebrow series Poilorama****, ten 3-6 minute webisodes about body hair. They are very French also funny and informative.


*Huil sur toile, Centre Pompidou. Don de Madame Ida Chegal, 1953.


**Né Moïche Zakharovitch Chagalov (1887-1985), artist, poet, husband, exile. Chegal lived in Paris from 1910 to 1914 and in 1937 became a French citizen.


***Le petit détournement des grands tableaux, ten 30-minute episodes each looking closely at a single painting.


And while we’re on the subject of what I’ve been watching, I love the series: Tu mourras moins bête (You will die less stupid), thirty 3-minute animated explanations of natural and not so natural phenomenon based on Marion Montaigne’s blog of the same name. Each episode is narrated by Professeur Moustache whose tagline is: Tu mourras moins bête. Mais tu mourras quand meme! (You will die less stupid, but you’re still going to die!)


****poil = hair