Street Signs* 001

by tiresomemoi


Sign, 9 rue de L’Estrapade** – 25 December 201520151225 Sign 9 rue, de L'Estrapade



This sign is currently attached to what looks like a fancy apartment building. I have no idea what it might once have advertised.


*Excluding boot and key signs, which are filed under Boots and Keys.


**The street owes its name to a method of torture in which the condemned (thieves and protestants), after having their hands tied behind their backs, were hoisted to the top of a pole (by way of the strap used to tie their hands) and then dropped. Rue de L’Estrapade is a pretty little street but now that I know how it got its name I don’t think I’d want to live there.


On a lighter note, the heroin of the mild mannered melodrama Rue de l’Estrapade escapes to a chambre de bonne on the top floor of 7 rue de L’Estrapade. Rue de l’Estrapade (Released 15 April 1953, Director: Jacques Becker) can be seen in all its black and white splendor by clicking on the title above.