Portal of the Virgin

by tiresomemoi


The Emperor Constantine*, two angels, and Saint Denis**, Notre Dame – 23 January 2016St Denis and others, Notre Dame 20160123




*Emperor Constantine declared peace with The Church in 313 opening the way for the building of Christian edifices.


**Saint Denis, Saint Genevieve, and Saint Marcel are the patron saints*** of Paris.


***Speaking of saints, here’s an interesting essay about Saint Teresa of Avila: St. Teresa and Single Ladies.


This quote from Shelia Heti’s essay Sick Days has nothing to do with saints but seems appropriate just the same:

“Sick in bed is a bit like Halloween: a day on which you wear a costume to express the parts of yourself that can’t normally be expressed. In this case, what can’t be expressed on other days is that all of our activity is ultimately worthless, that we are going to the grave, that being busy is largely about keeping up the appearance that our lives mean something, our relationships mean something, our work means something and crossing things off a list means something. It’s true. These things do mean something. But they also don’t. Sick days are like Halloween; days on which you can live and dress up wholly in life’s bleakness.”