Deterrent 006

by tiresomemoi

Deterrent, 17 rue de Vaugirard – 7 January 201620160107 Deterrent, 17 rue de Vaugirard



*At 4.3 km rue de Vaugirard is the longest street in Paris and follows an ancient Roman road, which once connected Lutèce (Paris) to Autricum (Chartres). The street is name from the hamlet of Vaugirard which, in a round about way, was named for Gérard de Moret**, abbé de Saint-Germain.


Fun Facts:

Rue de Vaugirard is one of the properties one can purchase in the French version of Monopoly.


From 1942 – 1945, the painter Jean Dubuffet rented an atelier at 114 bis, rue de Vaugirard.


From March 1824 until the spring of 1927, Victor Hugo and his wife, Adèle Foucher, lived at what is now number 88 but was then number 90 rue de Vaugirard. Their first child, Léopoldine***, was born in the apartment on 28 August 1824.


**val Gérard (“valley of Girard”) became valgérard then Vaulgérard, and finally Vaugirard.


***Léopoldine Cécile Marie-Pierre Catherine Hugo (1824 – 1843)