Lipstick traces 031

by tiresomemoi

Lipstick traces, outside the Maison de la Providence* – 21 December 201520151221 Maison de la Providence



*La Maison de la Providence Foyer Soeurs Antonines** was founded in 1983. The Sisters of Antonine acquired the then unoccupied convent, located at 76 bd Raspail from the Sisters of Bon Secours de Paris. The convent, originally built for the Carmelites in 1739, was later bequeathed to the Sisters of Bon Secours de Paris in 1860 by the Marquise de Langeay. Passing from convent to orphanage the site became known as the House of Providence.


**The order of Antonine Nuns was fonded in Lebanon in 1700, in the Antiochian Maronite Church embracing the beliefs of St. Anthony, the Father of the desert***.


***Saint Antoine Le Grand (250 – 355). Saint Antoine was born in Qeman, Egypt. His family was very rich. After the deaths of his parents young Antoine sold his lands and worldly goods donating the proceeds to the poor. Free of all encumbrances, 20-year-old Antoine walked into the desert vowing to devote his life to prayer. Saint Antoine Le Grand is known as the Father of the desert and the Father of the monks, he is often depicted accompanied by a pig.