Lady Liberté

by tiresomemoi

Lady Liberté, rue Pernelle* – 18 Decembre 201520151218 Lady Liberté, rue Pernelle



Lady Liberté is the work of le Street Artiste Toc Toc**. I’ve not noticed his work before but I imagine that starting tomorrow I will see it everywhere.


*Rue Pernelle is named for the thrice married and twice widowed Pernelle Flamel (? – 1397). Her third husband was the alchemist Nicolas Flamel, both were extremely pious. Among other acts of charity, the couple financed the construction of three chapels and fourteen hospitals in the city of Paris.


**Toc Toc is known to his family and friends as Victor, Victor Dubourg.

Here, a 2012 interview, in French, with Toc Toc.

And here, the artist’s blog: