Joyeux Hanouccah!

by tiresomemoi

Menorah, Chez Papy* – 11 December 201520151211 Happy Hanouccah!



*Chez Papy 33-35 Passage du Ponceau**, 75002 Paris


**Passage du Ponceau opend in 1826 but its heyday was short lived. In 1854 the passage was shortened to make room for boulevard Sébastopol. Many of the storefronts were later turned into storage space for the nearby textile manufactures and that seems to be the case to this day. When I cut through the passage shortly after 6:00 everything in the passage was closed. Though there was a working girl on the rue Saint-Denis*** side plying her wares.


***Rue Saint-Denis is one of the oldest streets in Paris and can be traced back to the first century.