Boots and keys 002

by tiresomemoi

Cordonnerie/Serrurerie, 40 rue des Martyrs*– 5 December 201520151205  Cordonnerie:Serrurerie, 40 rue des Martyrs



*Rue des Martyrs was originally called rue des Porcherons (I think Porcheron is a family name). Later the name was changed to rue des Martyrs and then, briefly, rue du Champ de Repos (Restful Field Street). On 2 April 1868 the sloping street reverted back to its past and present name. The martyr in question being Saint Denis, the first bishop of Paris (called Lutèce in Dionysius’s time). In or around the year 250 Denis/ Dionysius was beheaded. Undaunted, Denis/ Dionysius scooped up his head and marched up the path that would later be named for him. With his head under his arm, he walked northward for six kilometers. Deciding that he’d gone far enough, he handed his head to a noble woman named Catulla then sank to the ground. Denis/ Dionysius was buried where he fell. Much later, a basilica in his honor was erected on the site. The Basilique royale de Saint-Denis, in the town of Saint-Denis, would become the preferred resting place of France’s monarchs.