Evidence 002

by tiresomemoi

To the ballot box!, 17:03, Avenue du Général Leclerc* – 1 December 201520151201 To the ballot box!



And speaking of piss and vomit, this evening I rolled passed a man relieving himself beside a busy sidewalk. I imagine he’d had a bit to drink, but he certainly could have found a more private spot.


*The former avenue d’Orléans become avenue du Général Leclerc on 10 February 1948. The avenue is named for Philippe François Marie de Hauteclocque (22 November 1902 – 28 November 1947), commander of the 2e division blindée (2nd armored division). As a member of the French resistance, de Hauteclocque was known as “Leclerc”. In 1945, he had is name legally changed to Philippe François Marie Leclerc de Hauteclocque.