Tour peut arriver

by tiresomemoi



Tout peut arriver – 27 November 201520151127 Tout peut arriver




In honor of COP21*, pictures of bus stop interventions along bd Raspail (except for Dear George), in the order in which I encountered them.


Nobody profits – 27 November 201520151127 Nobody profits



Fingers crossed – 27 November 201520151127 Fingers crossed



Fingers crossed, detail – 27 November 201520151127 Fingers crossed, detail



Wasteland – 27 November 201520151127 Wasteland



False solution – 27 November 201520151127 False solution



Burning boat – 27 November 201520151127 Burning boat



Burning boat, detail – 27 November 2015201127 Burning boat, detail



Gas and bombs – 27 November 201520151127 Gas and bombs



You don’t need to know – 27 November 201520151127 You don't need to know



Dear George – 27 November 201520151127 Dear George



Dear George, detail – 27 November 201520151127 Dear George, detail



I couldn’t photograph all of the interventions as some of the bus stops where too crowded to get a good shot. I had planned to return the next day (Saturday) to re-shoot some of the night shots and take pictures of the interventions I’d missed but by the time I set out, around 11:00, skinny models in expensive clothes were back in their rightful places. Based on my unscientific guesstimate, the interventions were in place less than 24 hours.


*But really, all of this hubbub about the environment is unnecessary, “As the [Earth, a] product of infinitely wise design, omnipotent creation, and faithful sustaining (Genesis 1:1–31; 8:21–22) …is robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting. Although Earth and its subsystems, including the climate system, are susceptible to some damage by ignorant or malicious human action, God’s wise design and faithful sustaining make these natural systems more likely – as confirmed by widespread scientific observation – to respond in ways that suppress and correct that damage than magnify it catastrophically.”


– From the Cornwall Alliance website. If you visit you may be asked to can sign their “Forget Climate Change, Energy Empowers the Poor!” petition.