Evidence 001

by tiresomemoi

Préservatif, rue Cassini* – 28 November 201520151128 Condom, rue Cassini



Unlike piss and vomit, used condoms are not frequent sights on Paris streets (or perhaps just not the streets I frequent). Of course now that I’ve written that I’ll see them everywhere.


Honoré de Balzac lived at number 1 rue Cassini from 1828 until 1837 (the building he lived in no longer exists).


Alain-Fournier**, author of Le Grand Meaulnes, lived on the fourth floor of number 2 rue Cassini from 1910 until his disappearance in 1914.


*Rue Cassini is named for a family of astronomers who successively ran the Paris Observatory. Jean-Dominique Cassini took the reigns in 1671, his son, Jacques Cassini, took over in 1712, César-François Cassini (second son of Jacques) followed his father into the director’s chair in 1741.


**Alain-Fournier is the pseudonym of Henri-Alban Fournier, 3 October 1886 – 22 September 1914).