Electric sunset

by tiresomemoi


Electric box, rue Victor Schoelcher* – 26 November 201520151126 Electric sunset



This electric box is across the street from the one time home of Simone de Beauvoir**, 11/11 Bis rue Victor Schoelcher. The boxes are generally dog-doo brown so this city sunset scene is a wide departure from the norm. The sunset (sunrise?) reminds me of the black velvet paintings that were big in the 70’s and is completely out of place on the quiet, cemetery-abutting street. I wonder what the neighbors think?



*Victor Schoelcher (22 July 1804 – 25 December 1893), writer, politician, and abolitionist, best known for writing the décret d’abolition de l’esclavage du 27 avril 1848 which ended slavery in the French colonies.


**Simone de Beauvoir (9 January 1908 – 14 April 1986), writer, philosopher, feminist, human. De Beauvoir lived at number 11/11 Bis from 1955 until her death in 1986.


“Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it.”

– Simone de Beauvoir


Here is a pdf of the first 6 pages of a 1953 translation of de Beauvoir’s Second Sex.