Fly Traps (Found French #3)

by tiresomemoi

What remains II (Mountrouge-Palace, 1921) – 15 April 201520150415 What remains II(Mountrouge-Palace, 1921)


This morning I watched an ant wriggle itself to death in a spider’s web. At first, it flailed so vigorously that I was sure it would get free but, surprisingly quickly, it cocooned itself in the web’s tiny threads and died.


Later, while eating lunch, I read Hugh Raffles ‘s review of Fredrik Sjoberg’s Fly Trap*.


Raffles quotes Sjoberg as describing the tiny pins used to affix insect specimens as “as capricious and flexible as a French verb.” Yes, there are too many ases in that sentence. I know Sjoberg is not comparing the French language to a delicate sliver of metal used to impale dead insects but I like the way he links the two.


*While looking for more information on Fredrik Sjoberg I came upon this review in the TLS. Also in that week’s issue, Henry James’s debt to Goethe, Paris during the dark days of the Occupation, and the latest offerings from Patrick Modiano. And thus, I fall down the never-ending hole of Found French.