Graffiti à la craie blanche

by tiresomemoi

White chalk graffiti (Some things sound better in English, this title does not.)


Marcel (4.4.15), rue Pierre-Castagnou – 5 April 2015« Back to Inbox            ‹ Newer 3 of about 81 Older › Print conversation Print   	Open conversation in new window New window  Marcel (4.4.15) - 5 April 2015


On Friday I took a picture of a smirking angel who had added a touch of sweetness to a gray, gloomy day. In that post I promised to do a little sleuthing when next I came upon the angel artist’s work. Well, today I rolled past six of said artist’s works (two of them created just yesterday) so when I got home I went online. I had imagined the artist as a tall skinny, youngish man with long hair. I was right about the male part. The chalk wizard turns out to be Jean-Charles de Castelbajac a 65-year-old, short-haired, fashion designer*.


M. Castelbajac has been gracing Paris (and other cities) with his chalk interventions (not only angels and saints as I’d thought) since the 90’s and in 2012 published a book of 200 of his favorite angels: Des Anges dans la Ville*** (Chene).  If you’re reading this in Paris you’re probably not too far from one of M. Castelbajac’s fresh-faced youths. Have a look around.



Girl (4.4.15), rue Mouton Duvernet – 5 April 2015Girl (4.4.15), rue Mouton-Duvernet



Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Métier : Designer*

Signe : Sagittaire

Date de naissance : lundi 28 novembre 1949 (à Casablanca) (A biography in French.)


You can see M. Castelbajac in action here and here is his website:



Jean-Michel Basquiat** (Street sign) – 5 April 2015Jean-Michel Basquiat (Street sign)



*M Castelbajac has dressed Madonna, Jean-Paul II, Lady Gaga, and Farrah Fawcett


**The name Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) is written in the spot where a street sign once was. For 136 years the street in question was called rue Durouchoux after colonel Pierre Durouchoux. In 2011 the street became rue Pierre-Castagnou, named for Pierre Castagnou (8 September 1940 – 24 February 2009) socialist mayor of the 14th arrondissement.


***Knowing there’s already a book out in the world I won’t feel compelled to document every chalked youth I stumble upon. Fehw!