Italian graffiti

by tiresomemoi

ti voglio bene

je t’aime

I love you



Angel, rue Saint-Jacques – 2 April 2015Italian graffiti




I usually find these chalk saints and angels* a bit too treacly for my taste but today I was in the mood for a little sweetness, chalky sweetness as antidote** for gray gloom.




*This particular angel wasn’t signed but many of the works by this artist are. The next time I see a signed work I’ll see if I can find out a little something about the man*** with a penchant for chalk and the otherworldly.

**Treacle, from Middle English, an antidote (theriac), via the Old French (triacle), Vulgar Latin (triacula), regular Latin (theriaca), and Greek (thēriakē).

***I’m picturing a tall skinny guy with long hair. Why a tall skinny guy with long hair? Just because.