Diversion (007)

by tiresomemoi

Diversion, rue de la Verrerie* – 14 February 2015Diversion, rue de la Verrerie


A few hours after encountering this rather understated diversion I discovered a new** café/high(ish)-end used stuff shop at 13***, rue de Saintonge. I think it’s called Ni Vu Ni Connu, that’s what’s written on the front window above the hours. Of course, I could be wrong. I had a noisette*** and chatted with the owner, Ibrahim, and a guy who used to live in the building. At the moment Inbrahim is serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and coconut water as well as breakfast. This place hasn’t yet become whatever it’s going to become but it has a nice vibe.

*Street of the Glassworks

**Just opened in January 2015

***13, rue de Saintonge is also the address for the very trendy Soma, which Le Fooding calls a stylish Japanese bistro. I haven’t tried Soma but plan to. Neither Soma nor the little café count as wheelchair accessible. Booth have a large step at the entrance. The café has a nice wide door and Ibrahim is happy to help as needed. Entering Soma looks a bit tricky. I’ll report back once I’ve actually made my way inside.

****2, 20 €