Still no Charlie

by tiresomemoi

Kiosk – 18 January 2015Charlie poster


Charlie Hebdo posters* appeared on the sides of kiosks and in news agents’ windows on the 15th of January but as of today, the 22nd, the posters have disappeared to make room form this week’s magazine covers and still there are no Charlies to be had. I’ve encountered three people who’ve seen the January 14th Charlie but don’t know anybody who has actually purchased one. The last I heard the proposed print run had reached 7 million**. I’d like to think that number shows something noble, but… There is always a but.


Demain*** – 19 January 2015Charlie tomorrow



*In my last Charlie post I wondered where the teaser posters were.

**More than 100 times their pre 7 January circulation of 60,000. 

***When I passed this kiosk just before 9:00 this morning, a new hand-lettered sign read, “Pas de Charlie.”