Lock-picking expedition #2, 2:16-2:44

by tiresomemoi

The Blight* – 18 January 2015

The blight


The young are so good at getting to the point.

After hearing about my afternoon exploits ten-year-old M emailed the following questions:

You are so awesome*.  3 questions about the lock-picking.

  1. What were people’s reactions when they saw you?
  2. Why did you do it?
  3. Why didn’t you wait until it wasn’t like 25 degrees out!


10 minutes 31 seconds – 18 January 201510 minutes 31 seconds


1. What were people’s reactions when they saw you?

A woman in a puffy black coat angrily told me to stop. When I asked her why she huffed and walked away.

A boy, 12ish, asked if I was removing the locks of people who’d gotten divorced.

Is it hard? (Much harder then at home with a single lock that I can hold in my hand. The locks on the railings are at odd angles and most are a bit rusty.)

Are you going to sell them? (I put the liberated locks in my building’s recycling.)

Why are you doing this? (My stock answer is that I’m attempting to free the bridge of it’s heavy burden. Most people seemed to find my Quixotic endeavor amusing if not admirable. Interestingly, I was only questioned by French speakers.)


2. Why did you do it?

I really do like the idea of liberating the bridge. Also, I want to practice my lock-picking skills. You know what they say, use it or loose it.


3. Why didn’t you wait until it wasn’t like 25 degrees out?

That might mean waiting until June! Why today? Because it wasn’t raining and I had some free time between errands. I gave myself half an hour or until my fingers froze, whichever came first. I stopped just before the thirty-minute mark when my fingers began to go numb. I don’t foresee any lock-picking expeditions in the near future so it may well be warmer the next time I go back. And I will go back sooner or later, the click of a sprung lock is very satisfying****.


Less than two minutes*** – 18 January 2015Under two minutes



*This is about a 2’x2’ section of bridge. Sadly, the whole bridge looks like this.

**I had to leave in the awesome part. It’s not everyday one gets to be awesome.

***I’d forgotten to reset my stopwatch so I don’t have an exact number. This lock was particulary satisfying as I got seven locks for the price of one.

****Like yesterday, my success came quickly and then nothing. I’m not sure if this is the result of luck or a side effect of cold fingers.