Place de la Nation, 11 January 2015

by tiresomemoi


17 Pencils17 pencils


Charlie with PencilsCharlie with pencils


Red CharlieJe suis Chatlie (red)


Cursive CharlieCursive Charlie


Yoda CharlieYoda Charlie


Morts de rireMorts de rire


Je m’exprimeJe m'exprime


On a pas peurOn a pas peur


Prénom: CharliePrénom- Charlie


Mother, Father, SonLiberté


Yellow CharlieYellow Charlie


Kosher CharlieHyper Cacher



Population of Paris:  2,273,305*

Approximate number of people marching for “freedom and tolerance” on Sunday 11 January: 1,300,000


*Population data from 2013