31c3* for Luddites, Part 2

by tiresomemoi

The Food Hacking Base

My favorite part of 31c3 was most definitely the Food Hacking Base. I like to eat but I’m not much of a cooker. Still, I like to know how to make things should the need arise. Many of the workshops offered involved fermenting of some sort (beer, wine, kimchi, kefir, kombucha) though there were non explosive options as well.  There was even a guy making fudge with a slow cooker and a computer program. I enrolled in the kimchi, kombucha, and soft cheese workshops. My kimichi is in the fridge to be tried ten days from now and my kombuch is on the counter to be bottled tomorrow.

You can find a kimchi recipe here.

The kimchi in my fridge was not quite as involved as the recipe above but I haven’t tasted it yet so I can’t vouch for it.


The ingredientsKimchi ingredients


Mixing by handMixing kimchi


Now we waitKimchi in the making


We were told to leave about 1/5 of the container empty to help prevent explosions.


I’ve only recently discovered kombucha and have found it rather hit or miss. Either I really like it or I really don’t like it. I’m planning to flavor the batch on my counter with fresh ginger syrup. My fingers are crossed.


There are two kombucha recipes here. We used the first one.


The motherThe kombucha mother


Tea leavesTea leaves


SugarSugar, sugar, and more sugar


All sugar is not created equal. If you want your mother to grow big and strong feed her the best sugar you can find. Refined white sugar will make your mother sad.


Sweet teaSweet black tea


Traveling motherTraveling mother


Each participant was given a little piece of the mother to take home.


Taste testingTaste testing


Always be careful when opening bottles of kombucha. Point the lid away from your face, and not toward anyone else’s face. Or toward anything fragile That goes for both store-bought and home brews.


The mother, againThe mother, again


And here is the soft cheese recipe. It was so good I forgot to take pictures.


Tomorrow, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

*The 31st Chaos Communication Congress