Other people’s stuff

by tiresomemoi

Don’t look for meaning – 5 December 2014Don't look for meaning


As mentioned here before, I love pawing through other people’s stuff. This afternoon I passed the remnants of a life (probably multiple lives) heaped on the sidewalk in front of an elegant apartment building constructed around the time of the Great War. By the time I arrived most of what might be considered worth taking had already been taken away or lay placed in neat piles soon to be carted off by those who’d come upon the bounty before me. I covetously eyed a stenciled wooden box* containing old canning jars, scanned cassette tapes from the 80’s, and flipped through surprisingly vivid copies of Fillette magazine** from the 40’s.  I left with a packet of stamps from Fujairah***,  one of the United Arab Emirates.


Junior – 5 December 2014Junior


*Already claimed

**I kind of wish I’d take at least one.

***A place I’d never heard of before.