Il est arrivé

by tiresomemoi

Le Beaujolais Nouveau that is.


A bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau – 20 novembre 2014A bottle of Beaujolais


On the third Thursday of November Le Beaujolais Nouveau is officially unleashed on the public. I’ve resisted the last two years but today decided to shell out two euros at my local bistro for a tiny glass just to say I’d done it. I don’t have any intention of investing in an entire bottle but the company was good and I felt like I was part of something. Who doesn’t want to be part of a grand marketing scheme?


Le Beaujolais Nouveau , before – 20 novembre 2014Beaujolais, before


Le Beaujolais Nouveau, after – 20 novembre 2014Beaujolais, after



I’ll end with a lovely quote from Rob Bellinger via the“Because of global warming the wine has been getting better every year. In the old days really it was like drinking vinegar.”


Clara’s glasses – 20 novembre 2014Clara's glasses