Blue things 002

by tiresomemoi

Size – 19 October 2014Size


Sticking with the blue theme, from Bluets* I’ve moved on to Swimming Studies by Leanne Shapton. I am an ardent and habitual swimmer. Though I am neither good nor fast, I rarely pass up the opportunity to submerse myself in a body of water. The cover of Swimming Studies is a matte robin’s egg blue with Klein Blue lettering and a tactile (also Klein Blue) illustration of a swim cap. Like Bluets, Swimming Studies is a hybrid: autobiographical essays, memoir, photos, drawings. I dislike watching sports or reading about them but I’ve been sucked in all the same. But as Bluets is not just about the color blue, swimming is only the starting point for Ms. Shapton. This morning, as I read and drank my tea, the sun streamed in through the window at just the right angle to perfectly frame my book.

It is crisp and bright today. I have a fire going in the wood stove. Yesterday, I came home to a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses parked beside the house. I was offered a copy of Awake!, which I declined. The Witnesses drove away very slowly.


*Nelson, Maggie. Bluets. Wave Books, 2009.