French Night

by tiresomemoi

July 28, 2014French Night


The last Monday of each month is French Night at my local library. I have been watching French movies*, have skimmed a few French articles, and once spoke to a Belgian woman in the grocery store, but have been entirely unwilling to do any studying since leaving Paris. To assuage my misguided guilt I decided to try French Night. There were ten of us. Nine women (one had spent a week camping out at Versailles during the second world war) and one seventeen-year-old boy (the grandson of the woman who neglected to give us any details of her stay at Versailles). Topics included: death and widowhood, optical drives, violinists vs. fiddlers, French vs. Québécois,  English language business schools in Europe, Jacques Chirac’s campaign to make Parisians friendlier, and  some other things I’ve forgotten.


*Most recently L’Auberge Rouge (Claude Autant-Lara), 1951 and Voici Le Temps Des Assassins (Julien Duvivier) 1955