First (official) Sunday of summer

by tiresomemoi

For breakfast:

Sausage, egg, and cheese on a toasted English muffin

One large blueberry pancake with maple syrup and butter

Two cups of black tea with four tiny Coffee-mate creamer cups

Two doughnuts, one cinnamon, the other cardamom


You’d think I hadn’t eaten in a week.


Blueberry stains, Harborside – 22 June 2014Blueberry pancake


Connected, South Bristol – 22 June 2014Connected, South Bristol


Living things seen in the sea:

Eleven harbor seals

Two porpoises

One intestinal jellyfish

Hundreds of tiny tadpole-like black fish

Lobster pots at the Co-op, South Bristol – 22 June 2014Lobster pots, South Bristol


$4.99, South Bristol – 22 June 2014$4.99


Strange encounter:

While kayaking home, my friend and I were stopped by the Harbor Patrol. I was asked about the lifejacket I wasn’t wearing. I had forgotten it. I believe this was a ruse. I think they really wanted to know what we had strapped to our kayaks*. In the end, they didn’t ask about the garbage-bagged masses and let me go with only a warning.


From now on, the days get shorter.


*Answer: my disassembled wheelchair