Love, locks, and a sad state of affairs

by tiresomemoi


The cancer has spread

Heart shaped lock, Brooklyn Bridge – 8 June 2014 Heart shaped lock

On Sunday I rolled across the Brooklyn Bridge and noticed a smattering of “love locks”. They may have been there on my previous traverses but this was the first time I noticed them. Serendipitously (the chance part, not the happy part), on Tuesday I received an email from a Parisian friend with a link to an article entitled, “Amour pèse trop lourd sur le Pont des Arts (Love is too heavy for the Bridge of the Arts).” The previous day a portion of the bridge’s side rail buckled under the weight of the little tokens of enduring love. So what’s the City of Light to do?


Intrepid American Francophiles to the rescue. A few months ago said Francophiles started a petition asking the mayor and the City Council of Paris, “to enact and enforce a ban on locks being attached to bridges or any public monument, fence or structure. This is a start, though I imagine vandalism is already illegal. The next step is to find an esthetically pleasing and less symbolically suspect alternative to the blight and destruction of these misguided mementos.


Getting back to the Brooklyn Bridge, it seems unlikely this bridge will ever have the pull of Paris’s quaint spans over the Seine but one never knows. In the meantime, Brooklynites seem just the sort to come up with an eco friendly, non clichéd, cooler than thou replacement for the metal eye sores plaguing the world’s bridges.


The gauntlet has been dropped.


Soulmate, 8 June 2014Soulmate


Eddie and Sasha, 8 June 2014Eddie and Sasha




Moscow’s Luzhkov Bridge’s “Love trees


love locks = cadenas d’amour


You can read the blog post that led to the Ban Love Locks petition here and see the site that resulted from that post here (in English) and here (in French).


Both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Pont des Arts are wheelchair accessible though each have wooden spans that don’t make for the best rolling.


Brooklyn Bridge and flag, 8 June 2014Brooklyn Bridge and flag