Obus Braquier (Explosibles en chocolat) part 2

by tiresomemoi

Obus Braquier (Before), 29 April 2014Obus chocolat


Obus Braquier (After), 29 April 2014Obus chocolat after


There were shrieks and whimpers, ohhs and ahhs. There was smoke (a little), the smell of gunpowder(very slight), and a satisfying crack. After the smoke cleared and the shrieks turned to embarrassed giggles the dark chocolate shell was found to be of good quality and the candy almonds surprisingly tasty. All this, and little plastic gum-ball machine treats too.


Les Obus Braquier can be found here. They are sold in three sizes and filled with treats for marriages, baptisms, communions, and “neutre” for everything else. Unfortunately, they are not available in the U.S.. It seems the Department of Homeland Security does not approve of exploding chocolates.


Bits and pieces*, 27 April 2014Bits and pieces



*The bits and pieces before they make it into the chocolate, various molds in the background. Each Obus Braquier is hand crafted and takes about a week to make.