Les champs de colza

by tiresomemoi

Colza from Frédérick’s taxi, 25 April 2014Colza from Frédérick's taxi


When leaving Paris by car or train there is a law that says you must photograph the endless fields of yellow colza* flowers. Over the last few weeks I’ve attempted to do my part by snapping shot after shot from various train seats but with no luck.  Still no luck from the train but I did get a few shots from a taxi seat and from the train station in Meuse while waiting for the TGV back to Paris.


Colza field up close (La Voie Sacrée), 27 April 2014Colza field up close (Voie Sacrée)


Colza in the middle, 27 April 2014Colza in the middle (Voie Sacrée)


Colza from the Meuse tran station, 27 April 2014Colza from the Meuse tran station



*Colza = Rapeseed (Brassica napus) In 2012 France produced 5.5 million tons of rapeseed oil making France 4th in world production behind Canada (1), China (2), and India (3).