Narcissus poeticus

by tiresomemoi

and other pleasures of le jardin du Palais Royale


New growth, 1 April 2014New growth


Narcissus poeticus (view 1), 1 April 2014Narcissus poeticus A


Narcissus poeticus (view 2), 1 April 2014Narcissus poeticus B


Two pigeons, 1 April 2014Two pigeons


Stripes, 1 April 2014Stripes



Possibly of Interest

The garden, constructed by cardinal de Richelieu and designed by Pierre Desgotz, is a 20 850 m2 oasis in the 1er arrondissement.

Le petit canon: The off-limits grassy section of the garden is home to a miniature canon which, at high noon on sunny days from May to October, is ignited by the sun. The current cannon is a replica, the original, constructed in 1786, was stolen in 1990. Carved into the pedestal are the words: Horas non numero nisi serenas*.

* In French, « Je ne compte que les heures heureuses » and  in English, “Only the happy hours count”

Wheelchair access

The garden is flat and easily navigable.  The website’s “accessibility” section is not particularly helpful but does note that guide dogs are allowed in the garden.