Cucumber or crocodile?

by tiresomemoi

Cucumber or crocodile, rue Beaubourg – 24 March 2014Cucumber or crocodile 1


And speaking of cucumbers and crocodiles, this afternoon I lunched at Nord Marais (bistrot de jour, bar de nuit). My meal: dorade with braised endive followed by a mi-cuit* with a touch of vanilla ice cream. This was my first visit but I’ll be back. The space is roomy without being cavernous. The service pleasant and efficient. The decor on the lunch (left) side is Brooklyn library/café, the right side is a bit sleeker with a well stocked bar and a fancy pants photo booth. According to the barkeep all the food is, “fait maison.”


Nord Marais, fondé 11 mars 2013

Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France


Wheelchair Access

Flat entrance, roomy interior, spacious restroom.


*mi-cuit (au chocolat) = molten chocolate cake