For the birds

by tiresomemoi

Sliced bread, Bd de la Bastille, 23 February 2014Sliced bread

I don’t understand the compulsion to feed wild animals. They are wild. They are supposed to fend for themselves. They are not supposed to eat packaged produce or processed grain products.

Today I passed a loaf of bread scattered on the sidewalk. I presume it was left for someone’s winged friends but perhaps it was just there. An accident. A little later, I came upon a man on the Pont d’Austerlitz feeding the seagulls from two enormous bags of fish. His hands were bare and his fingernails were long. The whole endeavor was slightly unsavory while oddly compelling. In his hand would go, out it would come full of fish. The fish filled hand would swing over the side of the bridge, down swooped the seagulls as he let the fish fall. He had no interest in being photographed but did let me take a picture of his bag.


Bag of fish, Pont d’Austerlitz, 23 February 2014Bag of fish


Feeding frenzy, La Seine, 23 February 2014Feeding frenzy