And again, les gaufres

by tiresomemoi

Fancy Wafers, 5 Februarty 2014Fancy wafers


In my attempt to try every gaufre that enters my line of vision I purchased a box of Gaufrette Amusante* “Fancy Waffers” last week but just got around to opening the box. I was not disappointed. The wafers were crunchy and the cream filling (I chose vanilla but they come with chocolate, hazelnut, chicory, and raspberry as well) was not overly sweet. Best of all, each gaufrette amusante is stamped with a message.**


*La Veritable gaufrette amusante from Biscuttier des Flanders Eugene Blond, Buscuiterie fondee en 1894

Should you want some of your own you can order then here. It’s a good thing I don’t order food online otherwise this site would lead to my downfall. The Babas au Rhum alone made me reconsider the aforementioned interdiction.


**”Sur chaque gaufrette, est ecrit une petite phrase amusante qui vous fera sourire!!!”

No laughing, but I haven’t finished the box  yet.  The only message I understood was: “Malheureux au jeu, heureux en amour/ Unhappy in the game, happy in love. I’ve already eaten that particular cookie but I have a sneaking suspicion that I inverted the malheureux and heureux. Oh well, my version is less pessimistic.

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