A floor, a knife, a work of art

by tiresomemoi

Le plancher de Jeannot*, 27 January 2014Jeannot


When I moved to my present apartment a friend told me that I’d chosen the perfect location. I’m between a psychiatric hospital and a high security prison. What that says about me or perhaps about him shall be left to your imagination. The contract for the hospital, l’Hôpital Psychiatrique Sainte-Anne, was signed on July 7, 1651. (More about the prison tomorrow.) Jeannot’s floorboards are displayed, rather ominously, on an out of the way side street. There is something future/past about the hand-carved letters and the ruins-from-a-future-age style of the display.


*You can have a look for yourself here: l’Hôpital Psychiatrique Sainte-Anne, 7 rue Cabanis, Paris 14

And read about the monumental text here, in French, and in  here, English.  M. Jeannot’s full text, in French, is here.