Cheese plate

by tiresomemoi

Four cheeses and Bruno’s bread, 3 January 2014Cheese plate 20140103

This afternoon a friend brought over some cheeses* for me to try. The assortment was so pretty I thought I’d share. The bread is from Bruno**, my favorite baker.

Top left: Vacherin Mont D’Or

Green: Gouda au Wasabi

Bottom left: Trappe D’Echmourgnac

Bottom right: Boulette D’Avesnes

*Fromager-Affineur Au Coeur du Marche, 28 rue D’Aligre 75012 Paris

tel. 01 43 41 50 64 (Wheelchair accessible)

**Bruno Solques: 243 rue Saint Jacques 75005 Paris  tel. 01 43 54 62 33 (Wheelchair accessible, though the door is heavy and the shop is small.)

And here is an excellent cheese index: You can search by country, season, type of cheese, type of milk, or simply enter the type of wine you’d like to drink with your cheese.