The house next door (Colmar)

by tiresomemoi

The one time residence of Voltaire* is not much to look at so I took a picture of the house next door instead.

Voltaire on Colmar: “J’habite une vilaine maison dans une vilaine ville.”**


Head on a pillar, ColmarFace, Colmar


Floating house, ColmarFloating house, Colmar


From October 1753 to November 1754 Voltaire** lived in Colmar. He had recently been expelled form the court of Frederick II of Prussia for misdemeanors large and small***. Voltaire’s time in Colmar was quite productive. He took advantage of the city’s excellent law libraries and completed “Annales de l´Empire” while living in rented rooms in la maison Goll, 10 rue des Juifs (currently rue Berthe Molly).


*Born François Marie Arouet (1694 -1778)

**”I live in an ugly house in an ugly city.”

***An entertaining account of the love/hate relationship between Voltaire and Frederick II can be found here.