Heaven in a plastic bag

by tiresomemoi

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I discovered les gaufres de Liège* a few weeks ago, had planned to indulge in a Belgian waffle while in Bruxelles but didn’t, and then discovered les gaufres flamandes last week.  Clearly, I’m on a bit of a waffle kick. I’m not sure what it is about les gaufres flamandes but good golly are they delicious.  Mine came from Zyckelin Farm in Hoymille and were filled with rum butter-cream.  I’m getting woozy just writing about them.  What other waffley goodness should I be on the look out for?

Feeling lost without themEmpty


Addendum (22 December 2013): Last week I ducked into Meert* and was welcomed by dancing*** gaufres. Considering it research, I bought a vanilla buttercream gaufre de Lille. Sadly, the filling was overly sweet and the gaufres were less than crisp.


Dancing wafflesMeert


*Recipe: Gaufres de Liège (in French)

**Recipe: Gaufres flamandes (in French)

***Meert Paris, 16 Rue Elzévir 75003 Paris

The buttercream on the Meert website looks so good I’m almost tempted to try again. http://www.meert.fr/recette-gaufre.html

****No videos, just tasteful renderings adorning the ceiling and walls.