7, rue Cels

by tiresomemoi

7, rue Cels (Courtyard)7, rue Cels


“Working in a ground-floor studio in January 1927, Alexander Calder* produced his miniature circus…[He] unrolled a strip of green carpet, laid out the miniature ring and manipulated marionettes of trained dogs, acrobats, trapeze artists, and tumblers.” – Mary Ellen Jordan Haight “Walks In Gertrude’s Paris”**/*** (Walk IV, entry 25)

*Alexander Calder, 22 July 1898  – 11 November 1976

**A gift from the charming and eagle-eyed Book Valet

***I always imagine Ms. Stein somewhere between 50 and 60. Félix Vallotton’s portrait of a 33-year-old Stein (currently part of Félix Vallotton: Le Feu Sous La Glace) recently reminded me that she too was young once.