Amy and Ida

by tiresomemoi

English muffins*English muffins

Tuesday a friend’s essay** was published on The Paris Review Blog and since she tells a nifty story tangentially*** related to Paris I thought I’d share.

The short version:

The girls, Ida Waugh and Amy Ella Blanchard, met in 1871 and built a personal and professional relationship that would last until Ida’s death in 1919. Ida was a painter, Amy a writer. They collaborated on picture books (Our Pussy Cat, Wee Babies, The Butterfly), traveled the world, built a minor real estate empire, and enjoyed “beering” with their friends, banjo playing, and roly-poly pudding.  Not necessarily in that order.

Sounds interesting, non? So pop over to The Paris Review and have a read.

*What do English muffins have to do with Amy and Ida? Nothing, but English muffins seem New Englandy and the girls ended up in Maine.

**Girls Together by Meganne Fabrega

***Yes, the Paris link is rather tenuous but there is one, three in fact. First, as stated above, the essay was published on The Paris Review Blog. Second, Ida and Amy lived in Paris. Third, this past Spring I roamed the streets of Montparnasse photographing the girl’s former residences for the author.