C’est what? #1: Outside Curtains

by tiresomemoi

Why do Parisians (the French in general?) hang curtains outside their windows? It’s not that they don’t hang them inside, they do, but why hang them outside as well?

Curtains, rue HuyghensCurtain 2

Curtains, rue Huyghens (Closeup)Curtain

Admittedly, curtain curtains are rare. Generally residents hang blinds and said blinds tend to be either orange or yellow.

I’m not talking about shutters or rolling metal blinds, I understand these. I’m referring to curtains (and blinds) made out of fabric.

Metal blinds (Yellow), rue Mallet Stevens*Yellow window

Above is an example of  the more common, and to my mind, more sensible metal blinds.

Below, the nose scrunching, head scratching blinds.

Cloth blinds (Yellow), rue du Faubourd Saint-JacquesPretty

Cloth blinds (Yellow), rue de la Tombe IssoireMore yellow

Cloth blinds (Yellow), Hôpital Saint-Vincent de PaulBare trees

Sunset fade, Hôpital Saint-Vincent de PaulFaded

Cloth blinds (Orange), rue DareauOrange

The blinds do add a lovely dash of color but they seem so impractical. So, why, why, why? 20 brownie points for a plausible answer. 50 brownie points if you’re French and you KNOW the answer.

*Rue Mallet Stevens is worth a looksee if you’re in the area. You can see the architect’s official website here (in French) and, if you’ve got 3.9$ to drop on a one-bedroom, have a look over here.