Kwa d’9?

by tiresomemoi

fais la

Today in French class we discussed the sick joke that is French spelling and were reminded that even native speakers find its Byzantine rules and refusal to follow said rules cruel and unusual. That’s probably not exactly what we were meant to take away from the lesson but that’s my interpretation. And then, to add insult to injury, we moved on to French texting.  In addition to using numbers, symbols, and abbreviations it seems that Verlan is also, occasionally, used.  Verlan -> lanver -> l’inverse. As horrified as I was at the prospect of having to decipher Verlan I was thrilled to have it explained to me.  I’d been told it was a type of slang but no one had bothered to add the “mot cle” inversion. That is, you simply (though it’s not really that simple) invert words. For example “fumé*” becomes “méfu” and “femme” becomes “mef”. Why? Just to be evil I presume. I’m probably being overly optimistic but I feel that this little key is going to open many linguistic doors. That said, my head is spinning. I’m going to have to eat some chocolate before attempting my homework.


Today’s important vocabulary:


Bjr, koi29? = Bonjour, quo de neuf?

J’tm = Je t’aime

Slt = Salut!

Kwa d’9 = Quo de neuf?

Kestufé!? = Qu’est-ce que tu fais?

Ta U l’info? = Tu as eu l’information?

jSpR ktu va bi1 = J’espére que tu va bien.

C2labal = C’est de la balle (C’est super)

2L8 = Too late (Trop tard)

2day = Today (aujourd’hui)

Ta ht du p1? = Tu as acheté du pain?

cv = Ça va?

Js8KC = Je suis cassé.


Insults et gros mots

JTMRD = Je t’emmerde!

PTIN = putain

TG = ta gueule

Tkon = tu es con



Old school: L.H.O.O. Q.

Les keufs/les poules = The police

Grave = Super

Kiffer = aimer

Ziva = vas y