Butcher, baker, candlestick maker

by tiresomemoi

Chez Bruno

This morning the heaven’s opened up, thunder clapped, lightening flashed and then for a moment the sun shone, birds chirped, and the lucky few ate their lunches in parks.

Last week’s trip to Au Paradis du Gourmand reminded me that it had been far too long since I’d made a visit to my favorite boulanger so to celebrate the sun and compensate for the rain, I decided today should be the day to call on Bruno. The sign out front says only Artisan Boulanger, I think of the shop as Chez Bruno. This is not your typical Parisian Bakery. There are no cream puffs, no frosting of any sort, nothing that a French grandmother in 1950 couldn’t have made in her grandmother’s wood stove. There are 20-kilo bags of organic whole-wheat flour waiting by the door, skinny baguettes,  peasant loaves as big as puppies, and a modest selection of sweets and savories which vary from season to season. Bruno is everything here: baker, server, sandwich maker, cashier, decorator. The walls are lined with his creations and everything he bakes is presented on a handmade plate or platter, often sitting beside fanciful creatures pinched and pulled into lifelike approximations of their living, breathing brethren. And then there’s Bruno himself, brown haired, bespectacled, wrapped in a white apron, and storybook handsome, meaning endearingly handsome not chisel cheeked handsome.

My purchases:

pain intégral
Bread and head


Tarte aux framboisestart

Not shown, a delicious ham and cheese with stewed tomatoes.

Money well spent, a few small purchases and now I feel better about myself and the world.

Not purchased by me but tasty looking just the same:

Something with apples, I thinkPowdered sugar

Chocolat with breadPain au chocolat


The shop is small, tightly packed, and has a 1.5″ threshold at the entrance.

Artisan Boulanger/Chez Bruno

245 rue Saint Jacques


More breadPain ble

Two cows, a sheep, a pig, and a lobsterLittle corner