Mosque Ben Saleh*

by tiresomemoi

Scattered around Marrakech you’ll find large plaques written in French, English, and Arabic describing major and minor sites. The plaques are written in the first person and the English (I can’t speak for the French or the Arabic) is often idiosyncratic so reading them is a bit like getting a history lesson from a precocious third grader.

Overhead wiresBen saleh


Ben Saleh speaks:

“I owe my name to a 14th century holy man known for his charity and kindness. My square is the heart of the whole district, which is made up of a dozen residential derbs (streets). Around the square are a variety of shops and services. … One of my unique features is that I am home to troops of musicians known for playing daqqa marrakchia, the type of music for which the city is known.”


Satellite TVBen saleh two

In addition to musicians (who I neither heard nor saw) this area is known for it’s fruit juice stands. I recommend a mug of strawberry and  avocado or a cup of the sublime “mixed” (everything).

*Marrakech’s mosques are off limits to non believers so non muslim tourists must content themselves with a look at the façade.