Marche Populaire (Marrakech)

by tiresomemoi

Bvd Allal El Fassi

The Marche Populaire was the largest food market I visited and reminded me how easy it is to see only the sites and nothing of actual life in a place. I arrived as the the market was closing but wandered around poking my nose where it didn’t belong and probably wasn’t wanted.

Highlights from a 2010 UN report:

Region Northern Africa
Currency Moroccan Dirham (MAD)
Surface area (square kilometres) 446550
Population in 2010 (estimated, 000) 31951
Population density in 2010 (per square kilometre) 71.6
Capital city and population in 2011 (000) Rabat (1843)
United Nations membership date 12 November 1956

Pictures in chronological order.

Guarding the hen houseMP13

Fast asleepMP12

Tea and potatoesMP9

GDP per capita (current US$) 2010 2865.0

Urban middenMP10

Chez Mohamad, le coiffeur*MP8

White horseMP6

Unemployment (% of labour force) 2010 9.0

Facing MeccaMP5

Homage to Christo and Jeanne-ClaudeMP4

White nose and bellyMP3

Labour force participation, adult female pop. (%) 2010 25.9

Grinding wheelMP 1

The end of the dayMP14

Collecting the emptiesMP 2

Tourist arrivals at national borders (000) 2010 9288
Telephone subscribers, total (per 100 inhabitants) 2010 111.8
Life expectancy at birth (females and males, years) 2010-2015 74.9/70.3
Infant mortality rate (per 1 000 live births) 2010-2015 28.5
Fertility rate, total (live births per woman) 2010-2015 2.2
Contraceptive prevalence (ages 15-49, %) 2006-2010 63.0

*Not long after leaving the market:

Bonjour. I turned, smiled, and said Bonjour back. It’s me, Mohamad, Mohamad chez le coiffeur. I know, I said. If you’re not married, I’d like to marry you, he said. Thank you, I said, but no thank you. I’m sure a few more pleasantries were exchanged but I don’t honestly remember what came after my no thank you. I wonder what he would have said had I accepted his proposal?