Make A Wish

by tiresomemoi

Shopping, Part ThreeWish 2


Jo’s card reads:
Gathers and Makers Lovely Things
46 Sidi Abdelaziz…near el bacha
Medina De Marrakech

There’s a whole story right there.

I met Jo one morning when, on my way to the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa, I found my path blocked by stone posts designed to keep carts and scooters out but really only making my life difficult. Jo was sitting in front of her shop and cheerfully replied to my request for an alternate, barrierless route (carefully thought out and made in less than perfect French) in English. I was relieved to be able to discuss directions in my mother tongue and, it turned out, in the mood to chat. Over the next few days Jo’s shop seemed to always be on my way to or from my next adventure. In ten minute chunks I found out that Jo was playing vet to the cat family across the street from her shop, overseeing the medical care of a young boy who had been severely burned, and had saved a slightly older boy from an embarrassing reprimand resulting from a look at his internet history.

WishWish 1


In between her good deeds, Jo, an English expat and jewelry maker (among other things), opened Wish. The official opening was in March (2013) but she’s still adding and subtracting, trying to find the right balance. Even the name is in flux. The store is the culmination of a wish thus the current name though she’s  mulling over alternative possibilities. She carries a mix of traditional Moroccan wares and more contemporary treasures. At the time of my visits she had jewelry (her own and some made by a friend), scarves, bags and pouches, orange blossom oil (I’m wearing some as I type), passport covers made out of city maps (a huge success among their Parisian recipients), and little thises and thats she’d found while wandering the souks.

LoveWish 4

PolkadotsWish 3

Camels, Ave de la MenaraWish Camels

Prices are set but Jo does offer discounts for bulk purchases should you, like the Spanish woman with the multi-lingual husband, need five scarves.

Soon, waiting for the official nameWish 5

The kitties across the streetWish Kittens