Etoile (Marrakech)

by tiresomemoi

131, Souk ChkeiriaEtoile 1

Shopping, Part Two

Etoile, Star in French, is run by a man who’s name I diligently wrote down on something I can no longer find. He sells shoes, bags of all shapes and sizes, and poufs made from recycled grain sacs. He said he designed and made everything in the shop. I believe him about the design part but am a wee bit skeptical about the making part. I have a sneaking suspicion he’s got helpers. The styles are simple and, while the materials* are homey, the end product is almost sleek. I took home a blue and white pouf which, when unstuffed, folds up to the size of a pair of pants. I like that it can be filled with trash and used as an extra seat or a place to stack books and then, when it’s time to go, I can recycle the insides, fold it up, and stick it in my carry on.

The owner and his poufsEtoile Poufs

A black and white satchelEtoile bag

Red tipped babouches** (slippers)Etoile shoes

Prices are negotiable, within reason, but don’t expect to pay half the starting price.

*The bags and poufs are faced with clear plastic and lined with cottony stuff, the shoes are lined but not faced with plastic.

**Babouches in action (not from Etoile)Etoile feet

Babouche tops drying in the sun (also not from Etoile)Etoile  shoe tops
131, Souk Chkeiria, Semmarine-Marrakech

A turkey I saw after leaving EtoileEtoile Turkey