Al Kawtar Marrakech

by tiresomemoi


Shopping, Part One 

I’m more of a looker than a shopper and I tend to travel light so rugs and brass platters where not up for consideration. I do like to find little treats for my friends and useful, everyday items that I’d be buying anyway (and that don’t require dusting).

Al Kawtar is a nonprofit women’s collective set up with the aim of providing disabled women with the skills and resources necessary to live independently. They sell a wide selection of items for the home as well as a smaller selection of traditional Moroccan clothes for men, women, and children.

I left with a little blue travel bag designed for a computer plug/power supply. Something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it and which I now wish I had two of.

The Bag

The prices are far from the cheapest in the Medina but the proceeds go to a good cause and they have two large, relatively clean, wheelchair accessible restrooms. They also do custom orders.

One of twoOne of the restrooms

From their website:

“The prices of the products are calculated with great transparency: Cost of materials, cost of labour (the ladies are paid hourly wages) and 35% running costs for the Centre. Therefore we sell only at fixed prices.”

Coming from the south look for the wheelie man. The official sign is so faded as to be all but unreadable.look for the man

The northern approachHeading south


Al Kawtar Day Care & Embroidery Workshop

Derb Zaouia Laftihia 3

Mouassine, Marrakech-Medina

T +212 (0) 524 385695